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The Cuban Cigar Embargo

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For anybody who located age during the 1960's, you probably strongly remember where you're when JFK was shot. For anybody who are cigar lovers, you probably strongly remember where you're when he made Cuban Matches illegal.


For over four decades, cigar smokers of America have been left without the ability to purchase what's most respected to be the finest smoke on the market; they have been left empty -handed like a child who lost popular toy, a very luxurious, delicious toy, in a the next door neighbors backyard. It's placed cuban cigar lovers in continuous wonderment, asking why they are missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures.


Curved on a legacy of close economic and geographical contact, the ties between Cuba and America begun to unravel when the Cuban Wave gave Fidel Castro power on Economy is shown 7, 1959. These worries between the two countries were further compounded when Cuba and the Soviet Union appeared in cahoots, like two forces attending a Communistic tea party. Replying to this two-headed threat, the us dealt with unraveling ties by severing them altogether.


Cuban Matches found their way into the history books on February 7, 1962. Planning to cut off Castro and his government, JFK implemented a trade embargo. Americans, under this embargo, were forbidden from purchasing Cuban Matches and Cuba, as JFK intended, lost a majority of their customer base, and lots of revenue.


The federal government knew this would happen; just four years earlier 67 percent of Cuba's exports and 60 to 70 percent of their imports involved the us. A trade embargo was sure hitting them below the belt. And so, JFK laced up his gloves.


While the embargo resulted in American exporters losing around 1. 2 thousand, the Cuban government lost much more; the embargo cost them roughly 60 to 70 thousand. However, this loss didn't hit Cuba with the force intended; the Soviet Union, supplying Cuba with tax assistance, safeguarded the blow.


As soon as the embargo began, so did the criticism. While tobacco lovers everywhere were angry, standing by and watching their capacity to purchase the best matches in the world increase in smoke, a lot of the criticism came on a political level.


While some suggested that the embargo only sturdy the unity between the Soviet Union and Cuba -- just as the attack on Bead Have sturdy the partnership between the US and Britain -- others suggested that the embargo gave Castro an excuse for Cuba's lack of prosperity. In a time when Cuba was suffering from problems, critics anticipated Castro could shrug his shoulder muscles and say, "What? It's not me; responsibility the matches. inch


To this day, the embargo continues to be looked on negatively by members of the Us. Each year the NOT calls, by a large majority election, for the US to lift its embargo and each year the us refuses.



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